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October 21, 2006 1

Why I don’t use bookmarks – Slickrun Part 1

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Tweet I never got on with bookmarks. There a couple of reasons. One hails back to many years a go when the internet was a much more hostile frontier town environment, where permalinks probably weren’t even an idea, when websites come and went and stuff got moved around a lot, leaving bookmarks to a link [...]

October 17, 2006 3

Hamming: Courage in scientific endeavors

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Tweet This is one more post on the Hamming series about how to select your research career topics. It takes courage to think about important unsolved problems. (Excepting of course the officially canonized problems, such as Hilbert’s, Fermat’s Last Theorem, P = NP, …). But the solutions that made a difference were to problems that [...]

October 15, 2006 4

Programs: Agenda at once

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Tweet Agenda at once (AAO) is one more program to handled todo lists and calendar (known as personal information managers -PIMs-). The main difference is that in this one these two components are integrated and displayed simultaneously. You may be familiar with the day scheduler (yellow in the screenshot) if you have used outlook. The [...]

October 13, 2006 6

Fooling the reactive mind: Mark Forster’s time management system

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Tweet Do It Tomorrow and Other Secrets of Time Management Is the latest time management book by Mark Forster. Do it tomorrow (DIT) presents some very innovative ideas that are surprisingly simple. Mark Forster is a time management and life coach expert whose works are best known in the United Kingdom. To give you an idea of his [...]

October 3, 2006 11

Online reference management (part 1): Availability

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Tweet Externalization. Distributing workload across a number of nifty, personalized Web-services: that’s the mantra of Web 2.0 advocates. Although I tend to be quite skeptical about this kind of marketing, there are a few cases in which a Web-based tool can radically change one’s work habits. In the case of academic work, online reference management [...]