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March 25, 2007 0

Comparison of academic search engines and bibliographic software

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Tweet The “beyond my mind” blog has a post comparing different academic search engines. The author also describes his search strategy: The way I search for scientific articles is pretty simple. Say I have a problem to solve that was assigned by some course teachers or my research supervisor. I mark some keywords and Google for [...]

March 16, 2007 2

5 ways of breaking the procrastination habit « Getting Things Done in Academia

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Tweet  Mike Kaspari has a detailed piece on procrastination. The basic ideas he proposes to break procrastination streaks are solid advice. For example he proposes to start with a burst of timed activity (even if it’s just a 5 min burst). He recommends writing a list of reasons why we are not doing that important task [...]

March 10, 2007 1

Paperwork in the UK, the US, and Australia: getting worse?

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Tweet Brazil (the movie) describes a society in which the Ministry of information retrieval dominates every aspect of society and there is a form to be filled for every action. One can even get a receipt for a husband (after filling a form that acknowledges receiving that receipt). This was supposed to be funny, but [...]

March 7, 2007 8

How do you submit seven papers in a month? interview with Dan Navarro

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Tweet Dan posted in his blog that he had managed to get seven papers out in the open literature in January. I had to interview him. How do you manage your daily workload? Dan Navarro: A lot more pragmatically than I used to. I put an hour or so aside each morning to cover the [...]

March 2, 2007 11

Noise for academics

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Tweet On the recent Google group The Efficient Academic, there was a short discussion about the best music to study to. Obviously this is a matter of personal choice to what kinds of music creates a calm relaxed focus state of mind. Most people find that non vocal music is the least distracting. Favourites of [...]