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June 29, 2007 16

Quicker references with Google Scholar

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Tweet This post is an ode to Google Scholar (GS). GS has a major advantage against expensive institution only academic search engines in that is free, which makes services indispensable to independent scholars wishing to get some access to research literature when they don’t have an institutional subscription. However, even though I personally have institutional [...]

June 20, 2007 1

Thesis time management

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Tweet From Pascal Cavalier’s blog, I got a pointer to a nice article on Thesis time management. Looks like I’ll have to check this Canadian online-magazine on Higher Education in the future: Perhaps what is most daunting about writing a thesis is realizing that if you want to be an academic, this is a good introduction to the [...]

June 14, 2007 7

Eight tips for better academic writing

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Tweet Good writing is a skill. I’m not saying I have it, and remember, this is a blog post, maybe the fastest form of writing and reading ). As a skill, it requires practice. And, as Graham says, “Writing doesn’t just communicate ideas; it generates them. If you’re bad at writing and don’t like to [...]

June 12, 2007 0

Spouses and academic productivity

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Tweet The Chronicle has an interesting piece: “Is Your Spouse Hurting Your Career?”: in some “mixed marriages,” with no malice or sabotage intended, the nonacademic partner’s behavior or ideas can undermine or even cripple the scholar’s career — because of mutual ignorance and mistaken assumptions. And in those cases where the relationship is failing, the academic’s [...]