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February 28, 2009 8

Zotero 1.5 Beta Released. The sharing features are here, and also getting meta data from existing pdfs

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Tweet This is an exciting release. In a single stroke, Zotero may have added the most important feature of online apps such as citeUlike (collaboration) and the best feature of Mendeley (metadata extraction). I have no idea how well these work, as I have just moved to zotero recently and don’t want to risk trying [...]

February 20, 2009 11

Bibtex4Word: a nice package that could solve lots of headaches

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Tweet If you collaborate with people who use another reference management system or (to a lesser extent) word processor/typesetting program, you know that things can get messy. I just found out Bibtex4Word, and this could be a good solution: BibTex4Word is an add-in for Microsoft Word that allows the citation of references from a BibTex [...]

February 20, 2009 14

Reference management programs compared

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Tweet The Max Planck institute of biochemistry has put together a nice review of bibliographic programs. They seem to think that refworks has an edge, and that makes me curious enough to try it.

February 19, 2009 11

How to run an invisible wiki

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Tweet Being pathologically nitpicky about details, I tend to refactor my personal homepage very often. To do this, in the past I used to go through tedious FTP sessions or to hack my changes through the shell. Since I started to work with wikis I realised how effective a wiki engine can be to invisibly [...]

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February 9, 2009 9

Luis von Ahn: on doing research vs. writing papers

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Tweet Luis von Ahn (the father of human computation and creator of smart ideas such as reCAPTCHA) has a provocative post in which he contrasts research with the practice of writing academic papers. Spending time writing papers, he argues, fosters redundancy, produces an imbalance between original research and communication effort, and crystallizes research output. Even [...]

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