October 16, 2009 3

Google Scholar API

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Google Scholar is probably the most useful tool on the web today for academics. However, there’s no API for it, and seems to add little to no features with time. I don’t think Google is going to give it the Axe any time soon, but … I can’t imagine ads getting clicked on scholar pages. And Google is a for-profit, so one never knows. In any case, it would not hurt to show Google that we care, and there’s one simple thing to do. If you want to support the creation of the API, you could drop by the google API forums and express your interest.

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3 Responses to “Google Scholar API”

  1. Tom PasleyNo Gravatar says:

    If you’re interested in an API, then check out Rod Page’s work for a hack, (particularly if you don’t mind using PHP!): http://code.google.com/p/bioguid/source/browse/trunk/www/scholar_ris.php?spec=svn112&r=112

  2. DougNo Gravatar says:

    Without wishing to be negative I don’t really find Google Scholar is that useful at all. In terms of navigating the literature I pretty much exclusively use the journal’s own websites that link citations (forwards and backwards). It works really well these days.

    GS is sometimes useful when you’re searching for research that you’re not even sure exists. So if an api could help in that direction that would be nice.

  3. [...] content. I also wondered if Google Scholar has an API that could be used in Xerxes. Apparently not: http://www.academicproductivity.com/2009/google-scholar-api/ John John Wenzler Associate Dean for Digital Futures, Information Technology and Technical [...]

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