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To RSS subscribers: sorry, last post was not intended for ap.com

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The explanation below may only make sense to you if you read this from an RSS reader. If you don’t please skip it.

Have you ever sent an email to the wrong person? Did wish you could pull it back? I just did this, but for our blog (!).

I was feeding a WP install of what will be our company blog, and then I did something nasty…

I was about to post from my desktop tool (word 2010, used to be live writer), and I hit ‘post’ on the wrong doc, and ‘about’ page, ‘google-translated’ from German; prose as horrible as one can get. The blog selected was academicproductivity.com, not our own. I immediately went to the admin page and removed it, so ap.com’s readers won’t see it. But the RSS feed… is another story. For a blog that was dead for a year, we still have >4000 followers. This was the first post to break a long silent stretch. I’d hate if you, the reader, think we resurrected, just to find out a nonsensical blog post.

Since we use feedburner, removing the post locally didn’t help. I had to log in at feedburner, and try to remove it from there. They have a ‘nuke’ option that should force a refresh. But it just didn’t work. I tried a few times, the nonsensical blog post was still there. The only option I could think of was to delete the feed from feedburner, in the hope that they do not broadcast it. But it was too late; all people who subscribe to ap.com’s RSS feed have received the post.

I apologize for kidnapping your attention without a good reason. I’m sorry you got involved in this, but silly mistakes do occur. I will be more careful in the future.

Since the feedburner feed is now gone, if you want to continue receiving updates from ap.com you’d need to resubscribe. Simply click again on the RSS icon on the address bar, and follow the steps there. In any case, we are not dead, and will continue writing for ap.com whenever we find something worth writing about.

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