Posting accident: disregard previous post on 2.0

November 3rd, 2007 by jose

This is a temporary post; it will be deleted soon. It’s intended for people who read between the night of Fri Nov 2nd and the evening of Sat Nov 3rd AND for those who subscribe to using RSS feeds.

We have been working really hard on a lot of new features these last few weeks. We like to call this project 2.0. We had an internal draft that was bouncing back and forth. It’s an announcement with all the new features that will be released soon.

The way we share this document is by posting it as a draft (wordpress, the software that runs, has this nifty document category). A draft is something that is not ready for public consumption.

What happened yesterday is that I edited the announcement draft with windows live writer (WLW), and saved the changes. Well, guess what. WLW defaults to public, so if you edit a draft and save the corrections, it saves it as public (I basically hit the shortcut S+ctrl+P and never even thought of checking).

The result is that the announcement when public long before we were ready (as you can see, still looks the same). I have returned it to draft status, but some people may have read it and could be wondering where all these things we mentioned are. Notoriously, RSS subscribers may still have this post in their feed (nothing I can think of can fix that).

This is a public apology for this premature announcement. We are still working on the new features (some may still take a while). I hope you understand, and I’m sure you will like the changes once the dust settles. Sorry about having kidnapped your attention unnecessary.


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  1. Andrei SobolevskiiNo Gravatar Says:

    No problem, don’t take it too seriously :)