Where do academics socialize online?

May 7th, 2007 by jose

The Chronicle (newspaper) has a good website with a very active forum. chronicle forumsI have been monitoring it for a while, and I can certainly say that there are very informative threads in there. It seems to be a very good place to get privileged hard-to-find information about subtle topics such as what is a good job offer, whether a particular department should be red-flagged because of internal fights, or how to negotiate a start-up package. This forum may well be old news for many, but it was an interesting discovery for me so I’ll just post about it just in case it’s useful for anyone.

They have a section on “balancing work and life”. I wonder how many similar forums centered around a profession have one. Scary.


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  1. thehouseNo Gravatar Says:

    That’s interesting. As your post is almost 18 months old, things appear to be quite different nowadays, seeing how academic economists do social networking these days. We have people from Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman to ex-National Economic Advisor head Greg Mankiw blogging so frequently…

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