Science in the 21st Century

July 14th, 2008 by dario

(Conference announcement via Gerry McKiernan)

Science in the 21st Century: Science, Society, and Information Technology

Waterloo, Ontario, Sep 8-12, 2008.

Times are changing. In the earlier days, we used to go to the library, today we search and archive our papers online. We have collaborations per email, hold telephone seminars, organize virtual networks, write blogs, and make our seminars available on the internet. Without any doubt, these technological developments influence the way science is done, and they also redefine our relation to the society we live in. Information exchange and management, the scientific community, and the society as a whole can be thought of as a triangle of relationships, the mutual interactions in which are becoming increasingly important.

Topics covered by the conference include the following:

  • Web/Web 2.0.
    Communication, Social and Information Networks, Wikis, Blogs, Information Overflow, and the Illusion of Knowledge
  • Globalization
    Collaboration and Competition in the scientific community, The Global Village, the Limits of Growth, Science and Democracy
  • Open Access
    Scientific Publishing, Science Journalism, Framing, and the ‘Marketplace of Ideas’
  • Sociology
    Ethics, Morals, Trends, and their impact on scientific directions, organization of our communities, fragmentation, feedback, selection, and the ivory tower.
  • Miscellaneous and Other
    Teaching, Information storage, Resilience and the next Generation


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5 Responses to “Science in the 21st Century”

  1. VictorNo Gravatar Says:

    I’ll be there – signed up last week!

  2. The Public Engagement of Science on the Web » Blog Archive » Science in the 21st Century Says:

    [...] [via Academic Productivity]. [...]

  3. TephyNo Gravatar Says:

    Wow this looks very interesting. Is it open to the general public? I’m returning to my studies at the University of Waterloo in September and this looks like something to be check out.

    Very interesting blog by the way.

  4. BeeNo Gravatar Says:

    Thanks for mentioning our conference!

  5. BeeNo Gravatar Says:

    Btw, Tephy, if you are a student at UoW and interested in attending, please send me an email: sabine [at] perimeterinstitute [dot] ca

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