Use the new 2.0 superpowers: make a comment

February 22nd, 2008 by jose

The new 2.0 is being out for a month now. Yay! But it seems that most users (yes, users, not readers) didn’t really take advantage of the new features.

The goal of 2.0 is to have more content for everybody. So what can you do to make 2.0 better? Simple. Start having fun. Di20993325_affce142b9_md you know you can post (and everybody will see your post, if the editors like it)? There is a post describing how to make a post (hmm, I like recursion).

Comments now have new superpowers too. You can link to any page (where your own inventions lurk) and 2.0 will send you Google love. Most blogs have a ‘nofollow’ tag that tells Google not to leak juice. This is mostly done to fight spamming… but we trust you enough to let you operate at large. After all, you had to sign up for an account, so you must be human (are you?). Plus, we monitor comments closely. And this is all in line with our views on how to distribute credit in a fair way -and test soft-peer review ideas-.

You can have your own image on each post… although for that you need to upload one first at (takes seconds). This will help people recognize you. And did we mention it works on any blog on the entire intarweb? Still, most users don’t have a gravatar. Get one.

And where should you test your new shining gravatar? Why, on this thread about the interview with Mark Cornell. We have a few questions already, but the more questions, the meatier his response will be.

If you enjoy these kind of interviews, help us make them possible. And of course, feel free to invite some super-productive monster you know to be interviewed or to post some lifehacks he uses!

We will keep reminding you of new features until you use them or tell us to shut up already.

Oh, and by the way, this post took me 1:25. There’s very little time investment in posting a quick link or idea; you don’t really need to post a lengthy diatribe with references at the end (that’s for paper journals).

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3 Responses to “Use the new 2.0 superpowers: make a comment”

  1. mr. gunnNo Gravatar Says:

    “But it seems that most users (yes, users, not readers) didn’t really take advantage of the new features.”

    I see this claim a lot, and I’ve never totally sure how people measure this. It’s not as simple as Unique visits/usage of features because skimmers, as opposed to return visitors or RSS subscribers, aren’t even interested in contributing and shouldn’t be included.

    Have a fair portion of RSS subscribers commented?

    I have a fair number of RSS subscribers, but not a great deal of comments on average. I don’t know if this is really even a metric to worry about, though.

  2. joseNo Gravatar Says:

    “Have a fair portion of RSS subscribers commented?”
    This is a good question, but I don’t think it can be answered… RSS subscrbers are anonymous. No way to link them back to their comments.

  3. Kristal L. RosebrookNo Gravatar Says:

    Good Posts

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