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Why should you sponsor

This blog attracts a large readership interested in:

  1. Improving their time in front of a computer writing papers and doing research
  2. Bettering their teaching
  3. Achieving life balance
  4. Understanding the complexity of the academic world
  5. Contributing to science
  6. Time Management: Master time usage and become productive
  7. Motivation: Cultivate a burning desire to keep them moving towards their goals
  8. Overcoming procrastination
  9. Goals: Setting realistic goals, creating action plans, and achieving the results they want

Statistics ranks high in search engines and has an average of 14,000 pageviews per month. We have been featured in sites such as Digg or Lifehacker several times, and some posts have made it into peer-reviewed papers. In these cases, the original post sports pageview figures several orders of magnitude larger than the running average. In the first half of 2009 we have had 49,134 visits and 37,225 unique visitors. As of July 2009, Feedburner counts 3,300+ regular subscribers to our feed.
The traffic we get comes from:

  • Search Engines 42.67%
  • Referring Sites 34.83%
  • Direct Traffic 22.50%

Why we are open for sponsorship

We don’t run as a business. This is something we do as a passion. Running this website incurs a number of monetary costs, and one reason we look for sponsorship is to cover some of those costs. But the most important cost is not money. Of course, we place a high value on our time; writing valuable content, administering a server, keeping the blog spam-free, manage comments, etc does take a bite off our ability to do other things.

Advertising options

Before we detail these options, know that we are picky on sponsors. If you are advertising for payday loans or anything remotely shady, odds are that we will decline.  If your site has a weak privacy policy, we will also decline your offer.  We have a pure concern for our readers and we will not tempt them with items that we don’t think are in their best interests.

125 x 125, static banner. These images will be displayed in the sidebar on all article pages as well as the homepage.  There are 3 spots open for 125×125 images. The monthly cost for one of these spots is $125.  Please contact us before you start designing to ensure we’ll accept your ad.

Text links. We are not keen on this since Google seems to have banned text links. Contact us if you have a proposal though.

120 x 600, static banner These banners go on all article pages as well as the homepage.  The ad is placed in the sidebar, right next to the article content.  The 120×600 banner is available for $250/month.

Feed and Email Advertising. You can reach the entire subscriber base multiple times monthly with our feed and email advertising option. Since many subscribers never visit the site, this option is your best value in terms of pricing and reach.  We manage this internally so send us your ad that has up to 2 links to your site and up to 100 characters describing it. A one week placement in our feed is $25. If you are not good at writing ads, let us know and we can help.


All prices in this document are in USD. Payment is via You can use your PayPal balance, your credit card or your bank account (in some countries). You do not need a PayPal account to make payment via credit card.

All order links create a monthly subscription in Paypal to ensure you lock in your campaign. If you wish to cancel a campaign at any time you may contact us or cancel your subscription manually at