Leading journals reject Word 2007 files – ZDNet UK

July 16th, 2007 by jose

If you were happy to find that the new Office 2007 equation editor is a lot more like LaTeX, and that equations didn’t look as bad in Word as before, think again.

Microsoft is pushing a proprietary markup language (OOXML) that clashes with what Nature and Science own typesetters use, so they will simply reject the paper. This might be a good time to read Dario’s own ode to the beauty of LaTeX.

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  1. BenNo Gravatar Says:

    LaTeX is lovely and I set my thesis/dissertation in it. However, with the number of people who know LaTeX diminishing (and in my specific field, there is almost no-one who knows LaTeX or even what it is) it is easier to put up with Word in order to be able to collaborate with people.

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