Here comes a new challenger in the speed reading arena

February 22nd, 2008 by jose

WordFlashReader has several advantages over the previously analyzed rapidReader: it’s open source, and written in perl. So it works under linux and windows at least. wordflashreader also highlights where you are reading, so one of the downsides of RSVP (disorientation) is mostly gone. Still, you lose the formatting when you read HTML or PDF… and the highlighting didn’t work very well for me. The way cursors change speed make it confusing (I’m too used to move around the document with cursor keys). One nifty idea is to go back one sentence with left control key.


As before, of you can test it out and post your thoughts for everyone to see, that’d be great.

Another option we commented before was spreeder.

I’m still looking for the holy Grail that makes my reading more fluid and effective. It looks like this is an interest that I share with many people according to the huge pile of books that amazon lists for ‘speed reading’.

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3 Responses to “Here comes a new challenger in the speed reading arena”

  1. nXqdNo Gravatar Says:

    It’s quite interesting. It was introduced on freewaregenius few days ago. Do it everyday and reading a book about speed reading will help you read faster day by day :)

  2. JoldNo Gravatar Says:

    I have been using in the last two weeks.
    It is very effective… in reading narrative… very little in reading math, engineering, chemistry books tough!!!

  3. mr. gunnNo Gravatar Says:

    My experience has been that learning how to skim properly is much faster than any speed reading technique that involves reading the whole thing.

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