A hybrid mind mapping and reference management tool: Freemind scholar

May 27th, 2009 by jose

Sciplore has produced an interesting hybrid between a mind mapping and reference management tool. Freemind Scholar adds two basic features over the excellent Freemind: you can have references (at this time, only bibTeX) inserted, and you can drag and drop higsciplore-small hlights on pdfs (the pdf is linked).

This looks like the perfect IDE for sketching notes while reading papers. I use oneNote for this, but I’ve tried mind maps before and could easily revert to it.

As soon as they implement zotero/endnote references, I can imagine many people finding this tool very useful.

Freemind Scholar is in alpha right now. Feel free to try it out and send them your comments, chances are they will implement your feature requests since they are just starting.

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8 Responses to “A hybrid mind mapping and reference management tool: Freemind scholar”

  1. zku Says:

    Mindmaps get cumbersome with a lot of stuff or if you produce a lot of them (and cannot rediscover them on your harddrive later). I have stopped using them prefer to get all the notes, papers and references into a one simple database, where I can tag everything related to anything. Evernote is great for this purpose, with the added benefit of syncing itself on all my computers (and web and phone).

  2. Peter MillerNo Gravatar Says:

    I guess you could put screenshots of your maps in Evernote and then they would be searchable. :)

  3. darioNo Gravatar Says:

    Jose, you forgot to mention one more great thing about Freemind and Freemind Scholar: they are not just free, but open source (GPL to be precise). I am not a mindmap-kind of person myself, but I know that many people found it a killer idea when built-in Freemind support was introduced in WikkaWiki (the idea has been copied by most wiki engines since then).

  4. VTAMethodman aka LiamNo Gravatar Says:

    Wow, once endnote is built in I’ll be blown away. You could also use this as a great teaching tool for how to build a great paper. I especially like the price :)

  5. Benjamin DeschampsNo Gravatar Says:

    I tried the mac version with no success. The reply I got from the FreeMind team is: “We haven’t tested FreeMind Scholar
    with Mac OS. So, it might be that it does not work at all in its
    current version. We will try to get a Macintosh computer somewhere and
    fix this problem.” Can anyone get it to work on Mac OS 10.5?

  6. GavinNo Gravatar Says:

    Jose, would you mind briefly describing how you use OneNote in your academic framework? And also how does mind mapping benefit the academic?

  7. joseNo Gravatar Says:

    : I’ll try to write a post on how I use onenote.

  8. wongskNo Gravatar Says:

    I try to run freemind scholar in my computer,sometime it could not executive smoothly,may alpha version.

    I was using FreeMind now ( another free mind mapping software ),also need Java supported.

    I use it for Essay writing.

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