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April 17th, 2009 by james

We usually try to provide at least some commentary on this site instead of just posting naked links to new and exciting things. But it’s Friday afternoon and rules are meant to have exceptions.

Some recent finds:

  1. Helvetireader is a customization of Google Reader that tidies up the typography and graphic design. Perhaps a small thing but it makes reading RSS feeds much easier.
  2. Readability. This rocks. Tired of trying to find the content of your favourite online newspaper amongst all the surrounding ads and other crap? Add this bookmarklet to your toolbar, browse to your favourite paper, click the button and ta da – everything disappears but the content, formatted in a nice neat column. It’s like an overzealous version of AdBlock.

Any other suggestions?

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4 Responses to “Naked links”

  1. RyanNo Gravatar Says: has a bookmarklet that saves any webpage for reading later and it can strip out the ads and formatting like readability. There is also an iphone app for reading your saved pages on the go.

  2. joseNo Gravatar Says:

    Hi James,
    Testing Readability now… really nice. It misses the two top posts on this site though (!).
    Maybe that’s why they are called ‘labs’?
    Do you know how reliable this is overall?

  3. jamesNo Gravatar Says:

    It seems to be pretty good for the usual suspects – Guardian, BBC, NY Times, Economist – but it fails on multiple page articles (often dropping the navigation links at the bottom).

    It would be brilliant if, for long articles, it could aggregate all the content into a single page. I know some sites have a button that does this for you, but most seem to try and inflate their ad impressions by making you click through.

  4. NickNo Gravatar Says:

    Firefox has like 10 different add-ons to black ads. FTW

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