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October 24, 2008 16

Pavlina’s book review: Personal Development for Smart People

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Tweet Summary: I didn’t like the book, and won’t go into detail here; instead I marvel at how many people read, believe and act on things that are completely unsubstantiated by any evidence. But that only shows my naivety: it seems that most of the world outside science -and some inside- works that way. Who [...]

June 4, 2008 0

A lucid view into 21st-century publishing: who are you writing for?

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Tweet Sara Lloyd has published a manifesto on the way knowledge is distributed today. In an ‘always on’ world in which everything is increasingly digital, where content is increasingly fragmented and ‘bite-sized’, where ‘prosumers’ merge the traditionally disparate roles of producer and consumer, where search replaces the library and where multimedia mash-ups -not text- holds [...]

December 12, 2007 1

Time management ebook from Mark McGuinness

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Tweet Mark McGuinness has collected a bunch of his best post into one free ebook. It works well as an overview of what is ‘common practices’ in time management nowadays. He also posted some more resources here. » Time Management #8: Resources BoDo: Business of Design online » Blog Archive

October 7, 2007 3

Book Review: The Myths Of Innovation by Scott Berkun

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Tweet   NOTE: this post and the following are part of an experiement I’m conducting with dictation and delegation. You may find that my writing style is different (more conversational?). I want to know if that bothers you, if you perceive it as a quality dropping. Let me know in the comments! -Jose This is [...]

August 22, 2007 7

Book Review: How to write a lot (Paul Silvia)

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Tweet This is a short book that one can read on a flight (I did), but it packs a lot of good advice. Silvia is sick of ‘self-help-like’ books on writers block, etc., and it shows. He writes from the point of view of a seasoned author, and shows quite a lot of ‘being there, [...]