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June 21, 2012 1

Academic papers today are not meant to be discussion forums

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Tweet This excellent post covers why academic publishing is obsolete. TL;DR: 1. The time lag is huge; it’s measured in months, or even years. 2. Most academic publications are inaccessible outside universities. 3. Virtually no one reads most academic publications. 4. It’s very unusual to make successful philosophical arguments in paper form. 5. Papers don’t have prestige [...]

September 5, 2010 1

Courting controversy pt. 2

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Tweet Just a quick follow-up to last week’s post on changes in higher education. The New York Times published an article on Friday, highlighting two new books on the future of the American academy and picking up some of the points I discussed last time: The labor system, for one thing, is clearly unjust. Tenured [...]

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August 25, 2010 8

Courting controversy

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Tweet There’s nothing like an overtly contentious statement to bring in the traffic. And as they go, this is a pretty good one: “Why higher education is like a Ponzi scheme“. The linked post is actually for a radio program, the content of which was based on this original article by a professor of psychology [...]

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June 12, 2010 7

The Future of the Journal, by Anita de Waard

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Tweet I just found this presentation, and thought it’s worth bringing it to the attention of readers: The Future of the Journal Anita de Waard is the director of Disruptive Technologies at Elsevier. A company that has a position with such a name has my sympathy. Looks like publishers are slowly realizing that they [...]

October 31, 2009 0

Quote of the day

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Tweet Peter Drucker: "There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all."