Meet your academic neighbours in CiteULike

December 20th, 2006 by shane

One of the good (potentially great) things about on-line reference sites  is that it can put you in touch with those academics who share interests with you. This particulary true with CiteULike, which by design encourages co-operation, for example, it allows you to see who else shares a reference in your library.

The link belows is a tool which works out which users share the most articles in your CiteULike collection, and you can then cherry pick interesting articles from their collections.

I first found this on the shadow blog, who turned out to one of my neighbours!

The link is here:

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  1. darioNo Gravatar Says:

    It should be mentioned that Connotea has a built-in feature to identify related users:

    What are related users?
    Related users are those who have been saving similar things to you. You may find it interesting to browse their collections for relevant material.


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