LaTeX rendering of equations in Google Wave – LaTeXy

November 2nd, 2009 by jose

It was a matter of time before someone wrote a robot thatwaveLatexy-images grabbed latex  and returned an image after latex processing. LaTeXy does exactly that and has just increased tenfold the usefulness of wave for academics.

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  1. DougNo Gravatar Says:

    LaTeXy is great. I’m really looking forward to something that can go both ways. So, for example, I could have a discussion with a collaborator throwing in LaTeX commands. When the discussion gets to a suitably advanced stage we might want to cut and paste all the latex code into a proper latex document.

    Brilliant start though.

  2. Academic Productivity » Review of Google Wave as a scholarly HTML editor Says:

    [...] what you would expect, even for a notetaker. Captions are not implemented, nor footnotes. finally, LaTeXy is not the most convenient way to get equations done, I’m afraid, and it doesn’t go both [...]

  3. GunnarNo Gravatar Says:


    This is a really, really neat tool and would be quite brilliant for students to collaborate to obtain a great set of notes *during* a class. Now, if I had a way to get this back into a latex document (cf Doug’s comment) then I would be using this for all my classes *now*.


  4. Jeff GrayNo Gravatar Says:

    We’re using it for homework solutions and it is wonderful, but we are having trouble with bugs in LaTeXy not rendering correctly. :(

  5. Eddy ParkinsonNo Gravatar Says:

    LaTeX and Google docs – online viewer, pdf compiler, editor

    very handy for working on LaTex doc together
    it is here:

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