Speed up your navigation keys to move faster around in a document

August 1st, 2007 by jose

This is another nifty trick that makes me think faster and feel more “in the flow”. If you look at what a person does when reading or writing a document, a good chunk of the time she is just trying to reposition the cursor, or otherwise move around.FastNavKeys

Did you know that you can change the speed the cursor moves around in the screen? Well, not directly from the OS interface (at least in windows). But you certainty can using a little autoHotKey program called fastNavKeys from Skrommel.

This program runs in the tray, and will let you change the buffer time for keypresses; it can get ridiculously fast. It’s very good to scroll rapidly to the line you need to see/edit. Very handy when reading pdfs or editing manuscripts, and of course programming. Just try it and you will see how much faster you can make the cursor move. You can of course change the speed of other keys, such as delete.

I never thought possible how much better one can *think* by just having faster navigation keys.

Note: it’s addictive. If you are stranded using a computer that doesn have fastNavKeys it’ll feel as if everything is slow motion around you.

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